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All Roofing Repairs & Maintenance Works


Roofing Blackpool Repairs offers a full range of affordable roof repairs in Blackpool and for any property. Ensuring that your roof is always in a healthy state’ is key for reducing risks threatening health and safety regulations.


When you have your roof repaired or undertake regular maintenance works, it minimises the risk of enduring costly re-roofing services.


Roofing Blackpool has over 20+ years of experience in dealing with all types of roofing problems, including roof leaks, moss growth, internal damp, rotting of rafters, blocked gutters, slipped or broken tiles, etc.


Failure to address these problems early on is why lots of our customers seek our immediate attention.

We also handle many chimney repairs such as chimney rebuilds, lead flashings, brickwork, etc. It’s critical that your chimney and roofline system, e.g. fascias, soffits and guttering, efficiently reduce all risks. All services worked around your budget, needs and requirements. Contact us for a free roof repairs quote and consultation today.


Emergency Roof Repairs Blackpool


Roofing life always throws up surprises, some of these are great, whereas others are not so great. When life decides to serve you one of the latter in the form of a damaged roof, then don’t worry as we’ve got your back – day or night. We do call-outs to assess and address the damage as quickly as possible, giving you peace of mind. In many cases a roof will need repair, but not urgently. We urge you to hesitate still not to call us or use our contact form in these circumstances. You don’t want to leave potential damage too long, or this can lead to further roof damage, damage to joists or battens, and also internal destruction…meaning a bigger bill, unfortunately.


What we would also advise against when it comes to a damaged roof is DIY. You may have watched several ‘how to do it’ videos on YouTube and believe that all is needed is a bit of sealant here and there, but this can be incredibly dangerous for you and anyone in the house if the damage is not correctly fixed by a professional. We can provide you with this assurance and make the necessary repairs and improvements.