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Flat Roofing Blackpool

Here at Roofing Blackpool provide all services for flat roofing Blackpool. Our team of fully trained flat roof specialists can undertake any type, size and budget. Our roofing company has over 20+ years experience helping customers with flat roof repairs, flat roof overhauls, new flat roof installations and general roof repairs.


We can typically recommend working with High Performance Felt Flat Roofs, GRP Flat Roofs and Fibreglass Flat Roofs. We provide full waterproof flat roofing systems to help our customers save money on their heating bills. These products have proven to be the best for flexibility, durability, cost and suitability when it comes to matching your property style and personal tastes.
If you are looking for flat roofing in Reading and Berkshire, please feel welcome to contact our team to request a free flat roofing quote and consultation. We will discuss the options available and arrange a time that suits you to inspect the site. Please take a look below at the various flat roof products we provide.

What Flat Roofs Can We Provide?

We Can Help With All Types of Flat Roofs In Blackpool:


Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Fibreglass Flat Roofs are also known as GRP Flat Roofs. They are the same type of material and both an excellent choice of flat roofing material. We provide fibreglass flat roofs across Blackpool. 


Felt Flat Roofing

We use layered felt flat roofing systems that include three layers of felt to improve the flat roof’s durability and lifespan. Good quality felt is a perfect product for all type of buildings including garages, extensions, balconies, carports, outer buildings and more.


Flat Roofing Repairs

In some cases, having a brand new flat roof installed does not make any economic sense. It can be far more financially viable to undergo a simple flat roof repair or regular ongoing maintenance services. Our flat roofers in Blackpool offer a full flat roof repairing service that will increase your flat roof’s lifespan, regardless of the size or type of material used. Please feel free to contact us