Roofing Blackpool


Frequently Asked Questions about our Roofing Blackpool Services

Here are some of the questions we are asked by our customers who are considering having either a new roof or need a repair carried out to the roof they have. If there is question that you would like answered that is not mentioned here, then please give us a call and we will help with your enquires.

While some small jobs can be tackled by homeowners, major work or a roof replacement is a pretty complex process that requires training and thus should be left to the professionals.

Type of roof that you get should complement the rest of the style and features of your house. You should also take into consideration the material, how long it will lasts, and the costs to make this personal decision.

Well Storms, Severe weather, direct sun, algae and mildew growth can all be factors, Hail stones striking the roof and removing some of the granules are also a problem. Darker colored roofs tend to wear out slightly faster than lighter colored roofs as well.

Costs vary greatly depending on roof style, the type of shingles you have, what condition the roof is in, and how many layers of shingles you have. The best way to find out the cost is to have a free quote done from us.
Yes our team does work on the weekends especially if we have a job that needs completely. If you work throughout the week, then we can still carry out any work while you are not there.
It can normally take around a day to install a roof of this type but this does depend on the size of the roofing area. Once we know what you would like us to do, we can give you an exact time frame of how long it will take.
No not necessarily. Only if they are in good condition then these will not have to replace these. We can even work around them when we are laying your new roof. We would not remove them unless we really needed too or was damaged.
Roofing underlayment is also known as felt paper, and is installed beneath your shingles, over the wood of your roof. It helps protect your roof from wind driven rain that can get beneath your shingles and potentially damage your house.